Friday, May 02, 2014


The Region

The term "Indo-Pacific" in international political discourse corresponds to countries that inhabit sub-regions of Southern Asia and the Western Pacific. The concept as a bio-geographical region has been in use for long but in geopolitics, it’s a fairly novel concept. The following modified maps, from Google Maps Service, provide a fair idea of the geography of the region. 

Indo-Pacific Region in the World

Indo-Pacific Region

The Blog

Indo-Pacific Security website attempts to promote the discourse on defence and security issues of the region. In last two decades, international defence and security experts have, in general, discussed over security issues of China, Korean Peninsula, Japan and India in individual or bilateral context. However, the security of either of these countries, is intricately linked with and has a role, in the regional security of the entire Indo-Pacific region. Therefore, it’s about time to expand the discourse on national security issues, at a regional level.

The Blogger

My area of expertise lies in defence and security issues of the Eastern and the Southern Asia, which I have been researching and writing since 2006. In addition, I have a PhD from Monash University, Australia, on China’s Military. At present, I teach international security and East Asian Affairs in an Australian University. Look for my tweets at this address: @katul02